Artwork Submission Guidelines

Submit Your Artwork

The easiest way to submit your artwork is by uploading it to our Dropbox using the link to our upload form below. However, you can also send it to us after placing your order. If you submit your files after placing your order, please compress all files and folders using the ZIP file format and name the file using your company name and project name (ex: Visual Graphx – Opening Day Banners).

Click below to upload your file to dropbox

What You Will Need
to Provide

Accepted File Formats

The preferred file format is .eps or .pdf with vector artwork

Adobe Illustrator

(.ai, .eps, .pdf, .svg)

Adobe Photoshop

(.psd, .tif)

Adobe InDesign

(.indd, .idml, .pdf)

Raster Artwork

  1. Photoshop files should be at minimum 100-150dpi at full output size. (Click here for more info on DPI and other artwork tips.) The higher the resolution, the better the final quality will be – however, for the majority of large format printing, artwork does not need to exceed 300dpi at the full output size. Artwork saved at more than 300dpi at final output size does not increase the final print quality, and only creates an unnecessarily large file, which slows down the proofing and printing process.
  2. The best way to see if the image will print at a high enough resolution is to enlarge the image to 100% on your computer screen and step back to look at it from a few feet away. The final printed product will look similar to what appears on the computer screen at 100% zoom. However – bear in mind that large format items are typically viewed from great distances and can often allow for a lower resolution without compromising true quality.


  1. Please indicate any special positioning requirements of your graphic on the product.
  2. File color mode must be CMYK. If requesting Pantone matching, please provide a vector file. This allows us to make color corrections if necessary.
  3. Please send only files that are used in your graphic/design.
  4. Due to variations in output and viewing devices, there is no guarantee of 100% color match. We are unable to guarantee printed colors will be as they appear on your monitor, printer, or other viewing method. We cannot guarantee color matching to previously ordered units. You will get the best color matching result if you provide us with a Pantone color.

Important Notes

  1. All linked artwork must be provided or embedded.
  2. All text must be converted to outlines (Illustrator), rasterized (Photoshop), or the font must be provided.
  3. Do not embed color profiles.
  4. If applicable, provide a layered file.
  5. When using stock photography images, be sure to purchase the highest resolution version that your budget will allow.
  6. We use CMYK printers to create these graphics. 100% reproduction of defined colors is not possible. Differences between colors in the printed and original file can occur at many different stages. Variations in color or shading are often a result of viewing on un-calibrated equipment (monitors, printers, etc). Colors will often appear different when viewed on two different monitors or output devices. Without accurate color information, we have no way of ensuring that expected colors will be achieved.
  7. Indicate Pantone Values for all critical colors. Click here for Pantone (PMS) color definition. (Click here for an example.)
  8. An e-proof is provided within 48 hours of artwork approval.


  1. Artwork should be submitted the same day the order has been placed to avoid delays.
  2. After receiving your file, it will be reviewed within 24-48 hours for printing requirements. If the file does not meet all necessary requirements, you will be contacted by your representative.
  3. If corrections are needed, you may make these changes yourself and resubmit the file or choose to have us make the corrections (design services fee may apply).
  4. After the file has been approved, we will send a proof to you for your approval.
  5. After we receive proof approval, production lead time begins.
  6. Once your item is through production it will be shipped according to your selected shipping method.

Please note, artwork approval, production time & shipping time all affect how quickly you will receive your product.